Art Classes

For every Season I have proper Art Classes. Eastern, Oktoberfest, Christmas or other events. You can come with me every Saturday during Summer and enjoy one of those tours.

Drawing Munich Landscapes and Monuments

Let’s transform an walking tour in an adventure

Drawing Munich will give you more time to enjoy the city and learn about our kings and heritage.

Postcards and souvenirs are offered everywhere, but with this tour, you’ll have an unforgettable moment in life.

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Foto-Safari in castle Nymphenburg

You don’t need to be a master photograph for this tour, but a touched artist

The Foto-Safari in castle Nymphenburg subject is more than photography, this is photo art. I tell something about the architecture of the castle and about the royal family.

My tour leads to the park and the Apollo temple. If you are interested, we can visit the castle at the end of the tour.

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Virtual Tour around Munich

Take your pop-corn and some beverage and enjoy the show

Have forty-five minutes virtual view from the city of Munich and my explanation and receive a voucher for your next booking.

Good quality pictures and videos offer you a perfect vision of the city and after this presentation, I give you 15 minutes interview online.

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