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My Artist Catalog of the year is signed, when ordered in advance. My art catalogs and works document my moved career as an artist. Leading a two-way career in art and computer science (specialized in databases) is an art in itself. They are available worldwide in a bookstore near to you.

I have devoted myself to literature and art. I use my knowledge of mysticism from ancient cultures and mythologies in my novels.

Every year I improved my techniques and held exhibitions whenever possible. My catalogs are also exhibition catalogs and every year I publish my new work.

IT consultants were rarely an interested audience for my exhibitions. The balancing act between art and IT career was mostly incomprehensible for some colleagues.
Caring for two different Vitas to the point where I had to decide which career to give up. In my website you also can see my list of exhibits. Some of my fans (I assume) even wrote a entry in the Marjorie-Wikipedia about me.

So my IT career ended in 2010 and I started new work in art. The title may be German, but a catalogue is about the pictures, that’s why I never made an extra publication for the different languages.

I have partly devoted myself to literature. In my books I focus on integration in Germany. In addition, I use my knowledge of mysticism from ancient cultures and my knowledge of mythologies.
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My artist catalog is A4 size with over 40 pages

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