• Dreamy day trips

    Visit with me, with our regional train the main cities around Munich and enjoy free time

  • Walking tours in Munich

    Third Reich, Beer Tour or the old city. For each guest, I have a proper personal option.

  • Schlosser, Museen und Ausstellungen

    Ich präsentiere die Museen, Schlosser und Ausstellungen in München. Auch für Ihre Veranstaltung zugeschnitten.

Walking tours Munich

Walking tours Munich with guaranted entertainment factor. Munich offers a unique combination of architecture and art on almost all streets in outdoor Tours. From the name of the street until the houses, there is a lot to discover.

Small Groups

About 2 hours


Open Groups

Munich beginning

Let's discover the city

Christmas Markets

Bavaria most famous traditions

Munich Old City

Dive in History with me

Beer and Food

Have dinner with me and Beer

Women in Bavaria

Hard fighters for Equal rights

Third Reich

How this began and how will end


Since 1810 funny and Traditional

Doggies Walk

Our most truthful friends

For Art Lovers

Art Class Online

Modern technology for my classes

Travel Illustration

Your trips will become life moments
Früh buchen


Enjoy my techniques in Munich

Private Tours

Third Gender

From living being to criminals

Munich Beginning

An Event for you and yours
Früh buchen

Oktoberfest privat

This is just for two people
Früh buchen

Munich Old City

Enjoy more from my explanations
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