From Munich: Regensburg by train with small group

Situated on the northernmost point of the river Danube, Regensburg was originally known by the Celtic name ‚Radasbona‘.

Hidden places

The first settlement in Regensburg dates back to the Stone Age. Since 2006 the medieval center of the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. In 2014 Regensburg was ranked among the top sites to visit in Germany.

In the 12th and 13th century it was ranked famous for its flourishing economy with trading connections as far as Paris, Venice, and Kyiv.

Among the sites to visit are the Town Hall dating in part from the 14th century.

I bring you to the famous Dom (cathedral), an example of pure German Gothic architecture.

The famous ‚Stone Bridge‘, a highlight of medieval bridge building. This has served as a model for bridge-building projects over centuries.

Have lunch at the ‚Historic Sausage Kitchen‘ by the bridge – the oldest sausage kitchen in the world – dating back to the 12th century.

Activity location

Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany


9 hours

Your Tour in Regensburg

Picturesque streets

My guide or I will take you on a 1.5-hour train ride to Regensburg and give you a city walking tour. I provide you with a city map and you have three hours in the afternoon to explore the city by yourself.

We meet again in the central station before we drive back to Munich.

  • Rich medieval architecture
  • Peaceful idyll maze of streets and alleys
  • St. Peters cathedral – the city’s spiritual center
  • 1806 Holy Roman Empire dissolved in Regensburg
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006

Enjoy a great day and discover Regensburg with me.

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