Partnership is better than social distancing

Partnership is the best concept to live in a world, where big companies have too much power. Like in other strategies, joining forces we reach more. Working in a partnership with valuable partners around the world, I created a stable network in my projects. And now, I want to reach more with you.

A lonely nightingale can't do a summer.

Why be my Partner?

I believe that the best way to help the tourism industry is by joining forces between experts from different areas.

I launched a program based on cooperation to deliver to tourism clients the best informational service and give them the best references in other countries.

The market changes a lot and with many partners in my network, we can be flexible. Creating new products, or doing alternative projects, guaranteeing uniqueness in the market.


The main products in my program are city tours. Periodically I offer art tours with a special program. Painting landscapes in the countryside in Bavaria or Foto-Safaris are in my program successfully for about thirty years.

My customers

Good references for other countries, or tips will help customers to have an improvement of their tours and experiences in foreign.

What I expect from my partners?

The conditions are simple and fair:

  • Write a posting on your website about our partnership and set a link to one of my tours.
  • This link is normally through FareHarbor or Bokun, so you have a commission, for sales from my products.
  • Send me a link to one of your tours. I’ll do the same and offer a tour on my website on Partner Tours.
  • I need pictures from you and your tours, that are owned by you.
  • Generally, I offer a 20% commission through the platforms above and I expect the same from my associates.
  • We can help each other exchanging reviews or writing blog postings together, or doing interviews in my Podcast through Skype.
  • Do you have any suggestions? Don’t be shy. In our business, we must talk. Get your computer and let’s do it.

Other possibilities for our Partnership

We also can do marketing projects together, reducing costs for advertising, or making more from the results from such campaigns.

Which are the benefits of Partner Program?

If you want to know more about our programs and their benefits, I’ll be happy to talk to you.

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