Literature is also part of my art

Literature – Yes, I write in German

Literature is on my side since I was a very young boy. When I moved from Brazil to Germany, I thought this would be just a short experience. I definitely never believed that I could stay here for a long time, but all that sudden, I meet the heritage from King Ludwig I and here started my deeper interest for the local culture.

Have a good time in a hammock, reading my books
Have a good time in a hammock, reading my books
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To live in Germany, as a person with foreign background in the 80ies wasn’t a dream. Specially the conflicts involving my natural sexual orientation. Prejudice, cultural differences and the local tradition were every day in conflict. But I decided to fight for acceptance and for tolerance to others like me.

In my literature, I try to make use of this experience and deliver to the world in my modesty some of what I learned in life.

Literature for communication

Besides novels, mysteries I write scripts fro radio theater. I still want to translate it to English and try my fortune with international projects.

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