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Munich Dog: Doggies Walk with Paul and friends

Munich dog walk: The Doggies Walk was created in 2004 with the intention to show more understanding for animal rights in society. The simple claim was to go for a walk together and see our neighbors in the planet as such. But over time, I and other participants in this event have found out that we cared more about ourselves than about the dogs. Let’s do it right.


My other tours are described in English, as they suit the majority of my clients. In Doggies Walk, for example, I tell the story of the dog in painting, literature and sculpture. We see examples, always on the outside of various museums and churches. In particular, what needs the dog has in terms of social life.

Most of the time I have guest speakers on my tours who give short lectures on the subject of nutrition, photography or training of dogs. This tour only takes place twice a year. Only pre-registered guests take part. For the rest of the time, you will find some tips on my blog. Part of the earnings will be donated to an animal welfare organization, because this is more about the dog than the sales.

I present during the tour the name and places where early nobles from our city walked with their pupils and how dogs accompanied us in history. Actual problem with religious discrimination, prejudice and lien in the newspaper will also be discussed in this tour. Be part of it and speak about your thoughts and organization.

A fun fact is the relation between church and dogs. We used to have the blessing of pets in the churches, but this is something that we don’t have anymore. Why that?

The history of humankind followed different paths around the world, but in Europe without our dogs we probably never had so much success. In some tours I have guest doctors, organizations or schools.

Independant of the tour, you can write me with your questions and I gladly answer them.


Unless otherwise agreed, my tours here have a duration of at least 120 to a maximum of 180 minutes.

Meeting Point for Munich dog walk

Karlsplatz Stachus, under the bow

Special services

Individuals who require personal accompaniment, minors, and seniors are also welcome, but please report in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Private groups can request different starting times.

Additional costs may be incurred for looking after wheelchair users.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

A good reason to be part of it

This is a good reason to book it

Have something more personal from your vacation. This event can change your life. This tour is an original concept and different perspective to the chapter of our relation to animals and environment.

My tours are unique and with my mix of dramaturgy, music, and history, I deliver an uncommon experience.

What you learn you’ll take with you all your life.

Read about my services and reviews and check my gallery of happy customers.

In rare cases, I must send a substitute. But all my guides are trained personally by myself.

Additional Services

Here you have the professional guides in one of our standard languages (English, German, Spanish or Portuguese).

Photo-safari in Munich with Paul Riedel
Don’t do this home alone

The standard version of our tours includes a guided tour, information material, and tickets for museums, galleries or exhibits will be charged separately.

All my guides are professional artists. We also deliver the best tips for your stay.


You must book this tour in advance. We normally interview our guests by telephone before the tour start.

We cannot judge if the program is proper for minors or children needs, but it’s up to you to have your family with you, but minors will not be allowed to drink alcohol according to the local laws.


I can find a solution in most cases. You better contact me immediately if something happens.

Cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the tour, afterwards or after the start of the tour there will be no refund.

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