Outdoor Tours

Munich offers a unique combination of architecture and art on almost all streets in outdoor Tours. From the name of the street until the houses, there is a lot to discover.

Paul’s Bavarian Beer and Food Event

Beer is fun, beer is also a tradition. Nothing can be perfect enough for a Bavarian brewery.

From crop till the production, I tell you how this tasteful drink is done.

You become samplers and visit with me the Oktoberfest Museum. Read more…

Paul’s Oktoberfest unforgettable Tour

Munich is famous for Oktoberfest and I’m famous for my unforgettable Tour. Before this city became so famous, there was a lot of history to be told.
Beer halls, beer gardens, and cellars tell different chapters from or history.

In this special event, I don’t offer any other guide, but me in person. See my reviews, write to me with your questions and enjoy my positive art. Read more…

Munich Wonder of Christmas

Follow me through the different Munich Christmas Markets and try the local flavor. I show you the originals from Germany and how you could improve your Christmas Feeling. Read more…

Third Reich: Art, Artists, and Ideology behind the scenes

The 3rd Reich Ideology and its consequences may be approached from different perspectives.

I choose the way of art, marketing and the misleading of groups.

This is especially nowadays a very interesting subject to be discussed. Read more…

Munich Art and Culture – The Beginning

Munich has an amazing heritage based on art. Sponsors and Regents from the Kingdom helped us to be today the Jewel from South Germany.

Walk with me through over 700 years of history and enjoy the scenic views.

This is a perfect welcome to the city tour. Read more…