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Kunstkatalog 2020 von Paul Riedel

Kunstkatalog 2019 is the name, but new editions in English will have the same name. My art catalogs are normally in German and English. Each year you see new collections. This year I kept my works in expressionism.

The Muse

Everything I learned in the studios of art in Brazil seemed to be not important. Books I read were senseless and everyone around me supposed to know more about art.

Earl Rasnov’s bloody Soiree

Three years ago, Frederik went on stage to perform his show. Two dancers next to him graced the stage: it was Elmira and Natalia. No one expected the mainstay of the lamps to collapse.


Was die Augen nicht sehen, kann das Herz nicht fühlen. Paloma ist eine geheimnisvolle Figur aus Paul Riedels Kurzroman. Sie zeigt sowohl eine Faszination für Mode als auch für ihr Tagebuch.

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