Kunstkatalog 2018 von Paul Riedel

Kunstkatalog 2018 is the name, but new editions in English will have the same name. My art catalogs are normally in German and English. Each year you see new collections.

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Kunstkatalog 2018

by Paul Riedel

Paintings from the year 2018.

Editor: Books on Demand

A4 Paperback
published: 24.01.2019
ISBN-13: 9783746075365
48 Pages

In the year 2018, my inspiration was nature and this art catalog is still now helping in my classes. Eventually, you may find an exemplar of my Kunstkatalog 2018 just in German named Kunstkatalog, but important are the pictures. Especially the Bavarian city of Bad Bayersoien, where I have lots of vacations.

Many of my works are used on a book cover, web elements or paintings. The color palette I use is a selection of strong colors with a unique contrast. Most of my work I compare to expressionism, but I don’t stay on time.

This is an inspiration catalog, that my wake up your talents. Most of the presented work is also used in my art classes.

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Keep in touch for coming up art catalogs

I regularly publish tutorial videos, classes, and workbooks. Those are coming in 2020 and you can also use the download version for your tablet. Modern artists must keep with technology.

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