Regensburg Day Trip From Munich

Regensburg Day trip with me is like a travel in a dream. Situated on the northernmost point of the river Danube, Regensburg was originally known by the Celtic name ‘Radasbona’.

The first settlement in Regensburg dates back to the Stone Age. Since 2006 the medieval center of the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. In 2014 Regensburg was ranked among the top sites to visit in Germany.

In the 12th and 13th century it was ranked famous for its flourishing economy with trading connections as far as Paris, Venice, and Kyiv.

Among the sites to visit are the Town Hall dating in part from the 14th century.

I bring you to the famous Dom (cathedral), an example of pure German Gothic architecture.

The famous ‘Stone Bridge’, a highlight of medieval bridge building. This has served as a model for bridge-building projects over centuries.

Have lunch at the ‘Historic Sausage Kitchen’ by the bridge – the oldest sausage kitchen in the world – dating back to the 12th century.

Meeting Point

You must be at 9:00 at the platform 14 from the central station.

Treffpunkt Gleis 14 - Schloss Hohenschwangau Führung
Platform 14

You may contact us by phone, if you have any restrictions or problems reaching the central station.


9 hours

Your Tour in Regensburg – Regensburg Day Trip

History and arts in the middle age of Regensburg

Some guests asked me to post some views from Regensburg, and here it is.

In case you want to come with me to Regensburg next time, just give me a call, or go to my next appointments (see coming up events and join me).

Regensburg is a fascinating middle-age city with excavations from early roman settlements.

Perfect for a photo-safari or just to walk around and enjoy the scenic panorama from this town.

It’s unnecessary to praise the food quality. All cities in South Germany have a fantastic cuisine.

I’m vegetarian, but even for me there are many options. And if you don’t want to eat, you can do a wonderful shopping int the streets.

My guide or I will take you on a 1.5-hour train ride to Regensburg and give you a city walking tour. I provide you with a city map and you have three hours in the afternoon to explore the city by yourself.

Special services

Individuals who require personal accompaniment, minors, and seniors are also welcome, but please report in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Private groups can request different starting times.

Additional costs may be incurred for looking after wheelchair users.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

We meet again in the central station before we drive back to Munich.

  • Rich medieval architecture
  • Peaceful idyll maze of streets and alleys
  • St. Peters cathedral – the city’s spiritual center
  • 1806 Holy Roman Empire dissolved in Regensburg
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006

Enjoy a great day and discover Regensburg with me.

Additional Services

Here you have the professional guides in one of our standard languages (English, German, Spanish or Portuguese).

Photo-safari in Munich with Paul Riedel
Don’t do this home alone

The standard version of our tours includes a guided tour, information material, and tickets for museums, galleries or exhibits will be charged separately.

All my guides are professional artists. We also deliver the best tips for your stay.


You must book this tour in advance. We normally interview our guests by telephone before the tour start.

We cannot judge if the program is proper for minors or children needs, but it’s up to you to have your family with you, but minors will not be allowed to drink alcohol according to the local laws.


I can find a solution in most cases. You better contact me immediately if something happens.

Cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the tour, afterwards or after the start of the tour there will be no refund.

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