Special Themes Tours

Some of my special themes tours are available just once a year, or to some special day. Such tours you may order this tour as a private tour.

I have also in this section one German tour, that can also be translated to other languages.

Special Themes Tours

Women’s day – A history about women in Bavaria

2001 Avva Pop-Art Paul Riedel Special Tours

“A woman must have the beauty of a maid, act like lady, thinken like a man and work like a horse”.

Sad but true. This tour is offered just for Women’s day or as a private tour.

This tour is actually in German only.

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Paul’s Private Tour: Third Gender in Bavaria

2001 Aster Pop-Art Paul Riedel

The third gender is not a theory and not a lifestyle. On the other side, religion and religious morality are theories, ideologies and yes, they are lifestyles.

With this perspective, we walk through Munich and discuss LGBT-issues with society and also the Nazi-Era.

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