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Museums in Munich

Museums in Munich like Bavarian National Museum are amazing

Museums in Munich are many and some are not so famous as valuable. Munich’s Bayerisches National museum, also known as the Bavarian National Museum is one place to visit when you in Munich. I recommend this Museum a lot because of its rich collection of folklore and art.

Must see inh Munich city: Theatiner Church

Must see in Munich City: Theatiner Church

When counting the Must see in Munich city, you should not miss this church. This church built in the Italian high baroque style can be found in the monumental Theatinerkirche on Odeonsplatz opposite the Residence of kings.

Arts in Munich

Arts in Munich: Blaue Reiter unified undesired famous artists

Arts in Munich is a fundamental in this city. “Der Blauer Reiter” or “Blue Rider” was an artist group started in Munich at the turn of the century. The members of this group are some of the most influential representatives of the avant-garde movement from the 20th century. Their artwork broke many different conventions.  

Walking Beer Tour Munich

Walking Beer Tour Munich: Bacchanal in Ancient Egypt

Walking Beer Tour Munich, seems like a challenge. Let’s talk about beer history. Glaring heat whips the south, while in the north, snowflakes melt on instantly on impact. How can the human race save itself in climate change? How about beer?

Dachau Concentration Camp is Not a fun yard

iously? Many visitors from foreign ask me, why I refuse to visit the Dachau concentration camp. Here is my position about it. Why spend your vacation time surrounded by pain, disgrace and a past that none is proud about? Do you visit this place for fun?

degenerated art in Munich

Third Reich and the Degenerate art

The Degenerate Art is for me a fascinating chapter in history. In my adolescence years, while I still lived in Brazil, I learned about theosophy in school. As an art enthusiast, I’m pretty interested in the influence on modern artists, especially expressionists.

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