Third Gender in Bavaria – Paul's Private Tour

The third gender is not a theory and not a lifestyle. On the other side, religion and religious morality are theories, ideologies and yes, they are lifestyles.

With this perspective, we walk through Munich and discuss LGBT issues with society and also the Nazi-Era.

It may be surprising that Islam already had homosexuals integrated into their history. The Catholics also have blessed knights and their fellows. So, what happened with society?

“I would rather be a cold warrior than a warm brother,” said Bavarian Prime Minister Franz Josef Strauß.

Sad but true. Unfortunately, this says a lot about the history of the third gender in Bavaria. Prejudices came through belief, fear or politics and even with the difficult progress, we are far from the freedom that we enjoyed in our society 2000 years ago.

In my tour of Munich, I talk about some issues related to the persecution and acceptance of homosexuals in Bavaria.

Itinerary for the Third Gender Tour

  • Gartnerplatztheater
  • Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz
  • Müllerstrasse
  • Sendlinger Tor
  • Viktualienmarkt
  • Marienplatz
  • Odeonsplatz
  • Hofgarten
  • House of the Arts (Haus der Kunst)
  • Ludwigskirche

Third Gender Tour – The Summary

Walk like a man, talk like a man, act like a man my son.

When I was a teenie, I really cried when hearing this song, cause I knew I could not be the common men. Nowadays I cry when hearing this song because I remember how hard others and I fought to survive the prejudice from society.

This tour is just during the CSD in Germany available to visitors from Munich.

More than just presenting the facts in Bavaria, we also discuss the change in the community and sensitive aspects like getting older, living in a closet and marriage.

I tell you about Freddie Mercury’s period in Munich and partially the tragic life from King Ludwig II. For those who know Bavaria, names like Mosshammer and Sedlmeier will be a very interesting chapter in local history.

This is really not just for men. Lesbians are also part of our history and I would not allow me to forget that. Erika Mann, the photographers from Elvira Studio are also part of the discussions and presentations.

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Hide and Seek with the Police in English Garden
Third Gender Tour by Paul Riedel. Drawing of a Munich landscape.
Searching for a good man in the heart of Munich

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