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Visit the Alte Pinakothek Munich with Paul a time-travel

The Alte Pinakothek (or painting collection), offers a rich overview of painting in Europe. Masters from Leonardo da Vinci, over Peter Paul Rubens to other famous personalities. I lead the visitor to a unique time journey. This is a weekly tour.

You have the choice to book this tour private, or in a group

Have something more personal from your vacation.

My tours are unique and with my mix from dramaturgy, music, and history, I deliver an uncommon experience.

What you learn you’ll take with you all your life.

Read about my services and reviews and check my gallery of happy customers.

Have something more personal from your vacation.

My tours are unique and with my mix of dramaturgy, music, and history, I deliver an uncommon experience.

In rare cases, I must send a substitute. But all my guides are trained personally by myself.

Alte Pinakothek is ever actual

In this special event, I don’t offer any other guide, but me in person. See my reviews, write to me with your questions and enjoy my positive art.

I visit every month the new exhibits and can give you the best actual information. I live in Bavaria since 1984 and know the local culture and history. More about it, I give my guests on my tours.

I have a lot of energy to inform you about art and history in Bavaria. The Alte pinakothek collection in Munich offers over 700 paintings to admire.

I visit frequently the most famous museums in the city and can offer full support for your visit to the city as you may read in my blog.  

Whether you come on vacation, or for a congress, in this event you also have this event with other business partners. One very special event, where you deliver an unforgettable day for your team and partners.

I bring you through the different rooms and tell you about the techniques and history behind them.

Everything combined in hours of amazing new information. My groups are small, till 15 people and we don’t run through the city, but enjoy it.

Starting at the Foyer from the Alte Pinakothek, I show first the exterior from the building and then inside.

We see paintings from Dürer, Bol, Rembrandt and other masters.

Let’s enjoy the Alte Pinakothek together.

Meeting Point

Alte Pinakothek guided Tour with Paul Riedel
Happy to meet you

Special services

Individuals who require personal accompaniment, minors, and seniors are also welcome, but please report in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Private groups can request different starting times.

Additional costs may be incurred for looking after wheelchair users.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

This is a good reason to book it

Painting by Paul Riedel
For some events you may book for a group

Private tours offer more service for you

Specially for birthdays, or a better relaxing time enjoying the masters of painting.

Service Duration

2 Hours – Please check the starting times.

Additional Services

Here you have the professional guides in one of our standard languages (English, German, Spanish or Portuguese).

Photo-safari in Munich with Paul Riedel
Don’t do this home alone

The standard version of our tours includes a guided tour, information material, and tickets for museums, galleries or exhibits will be charged separately.

All my guides are professional artists. We also deliver the best tips for your stay.


You must book this tour in advance. We normally interview our guests by telephone before the tour start.

We cannot judge if the program is proper for minors or children needs, but it’s up to you to have your family with you, but minors will not be allowed to drink alcohol according to the local laws.


I can find a solution in most cases. You better contact me immediately if something happens.

Cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the tour, afterwards or after the start of the tour there will be no refund.

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