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Why My Tours Are Best for Customer’s Safety

Safety is important for tourism, even before COVID-19. Not in a long time has the world been this united for one epidemic.

The coronavirus impacted all society. I care for my customers safety.

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One of the industries hit is the tourism industry. My industry. More than half of the world is on lockdown. Airways shut down. Global tourism on halt.

Somehow we will get over the coronavirus, and we will take lessons from how it reminded us that health is foremost.

Tourists will be more conscious of safety on tours, and only tours that guarantee their safety are to consider. This is something I have always been an advocate of, and that I have practiced in all my tours.

Just recently, I reached out to a lot of my customers, mostly those that have been on my recent tours since the outbreak of coronavirus in 2019. The feedbacks were positive, and none of them had or have the virus, as the case may be.

It is also worthy of note that these customers are from all over the world.

So how have I been able to ensure customers’ safety? Here are some strategies I ensure.

Working in Small Groups

Working in small groups has always been my thing. Aside from the fact that it helps me reach out to everybody on my tour, it also reduces the transmission dynamics of contracting a disease.

Social distancing is one of the most effective ways to flatten the COVID-19 curve, and this I have ever been practicing on my tours. Bavaria being one of the most tourist-friendly locations in Europe, means that I get a lot of bookings. I split them into various groups; this way, I can maintain the small group standard.

Health Education and safety

Although I am not in any way a health specialist, I can relate more to this current pandemic situation, having experienced the AIDS era in the 80s. In some of my tours, guests tend to ask historical questions from the Third Reich, and the AIDS pandemic is one of the darkest moments of that period. In times like this, we discuss extensively, the outbreak and how the world dealt with it.

This type of interactive discussion educates my customers and me, especially when a medical professional is on tour. Passive learning like this can go a long way in how various individuals from my tour cope in times like this.

Allowing Cancellation Due Diseases

One thing the world has learned from this pandemic is that nothing is too important to cancel, especially when public health is involved. My tours have always been flexible enough to deal with situations like this. So it was straightforward to call off my tours when the virus became full-blown. In situations like this, every other thing must take a backseat, and the first human instinct is survival.

Taking Safe Tours

I ensure a hundred per cent safety on tour locations. Even though I am frequently on tour to these places, I still take out time to carry out safety surveys and inspections. I don’t take my guests to locations if I cannot ascertain the safety. My customers’ safety is very personal to me, and this is why I have been able to get positive feedback about the quality of service I offer. I know that the tourism industry is resilient enough to overcome the situation on the ground. However, like every other industry, there has to be a well mapped out plan to seamlessly transit when the time comes. This is imperative for tourists to be confident in the system. That being said, here are how I will continue to ensure safety on tours, and that of my customers.

Effective Communication Measures.

Providing concise information is very important. With this, communication through my website and via email will quicken. This will contain reservations about upcoming tours, as well as the mode of operation to ensure that safety remains paramount.

Giving Entry Tickets for Other Opportunities

I have also placed a high priority on dealing with previous cancellations. Entry tickets will be given for other opportunities. Rebooking will also be available for some tours, and rescheduled dates would be communicated to guests that are affected.

Working Together as an Industry

Only a collaborative effort from the tourism industry can make this process as easy as possible. Since we all are going through a similar situation, working hand in hand, and supporting each other is a must.

I will work with other tour guides in Bavaria and its environs to make sure that a credible consensus will be achieved.

Working with Local Tourism

Since international travels might still be prolonged for a while, taking a gradual process is critical. I will take up local tourism as a form of test running.

This would give an insight as to what to expect when it’s time for international travel.

This wouldn’t come without challenges, but offering a discount tour and other incentives will make it a possibility.

Collecting Necessary Information from Tourists

Henceforth, attention would be paid to tourists’ travel and health information. This is to ensure optimum customer safety ahead of a tour.

Following WHO and CDC Guidelines 

I will also keep an eye on the latest development and guidelines from the necessary bodies. Also, guests for the tours would be informed on essential responsibilities to ensure the safety on tour and everyone involved.

Safety first

For my tours, the quality of service I offer is as outstanding as the information I provide in this period.

This is why I want my customers to know that they have nothing to worry about when it comes to continuous safety on tour and health security.

As we look forward to flattening the COVID-19 curve, I will keep providing you with the necessary information you need to know about my tours.

Remain safe and keep maintaining social distancing, there are more unusual places to see in Bavaria when this is all over.

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